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Q&A: Tony Allen, the godfather of afrobeat
    Thursday February 16, 2012 3:00pm - 4:00pm @ Ragnarock
    by:Larm are pleased to present a Q&A with one of the most influencal musicians from Africa, perhaps the greatest drummer of all time and the main architect behind afrobeat.Tony Allen has long been acknowledged as Africa’s finest kit drummer and one of the continent’s most influential musicians. His playing draws on four different styles – highlife, soul/funk, jazz and traditional Nigerian drumming. A unique and mighty sound. Together with Fela Kuti (with whom he played for 15 years) Allen co-created Afrobeat – the hard driving, horns rich, funk-infused, politically insurrectionary style which became such a dominant force in African music and such an influence worldwide. Along with several solo albums, Allen is a founder member of The Good, The Bad & The Queen, alongside Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon and Simon Tong. His association with Albarn goes back some half dozen years; it came about after Allen heard the lyric “Tony Allen got me dancing” on Blur’s 2000 song “Music is My Radar” and invited Albarn to Lagos to guest on Home Cooking. Allen is also involved with the Africa Express project whose aims are to introduce African and European musicians to each other and to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas. “Music is my mission,” says Allen. “I never get satisfied and I’m still learning from others. The musical world is very spiritual, and I don’t think there’s an end to it.” “Without Tony Allen, there’d be no Afrobeat.” – Fela “Anikulapo” Kuti “Tony Allen really got me dancin’ " Blur (from the single ‘Music is my Radar’) “Perhaps the greatest drummer ever” – Brian Eno Interviewed by the respected swedish journalist Jan Gradvall
    Type Seminar (delegates only)

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