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El Doom & the Born Electric (N)
    Thursday February 16, 2012 11:00pm - 11:30pm @ Sentrum scene
    El Doom (Ole Petter Andreassen) is a well respected Norwegian guitarplayer/singer/producer (4 Norwegian Grammy nominations, 2 wins), whose work in the past has been divided between his main projects The Cumshots and Thulsa Doom, while still finding time to produce/engineer some of Norways biggest bands. Never a quitter, El Doom soon put together his new group after Thulsa Doom’s demise. Both former bands always had progressive elements, but those influences were somewhat restrained by some of the collaborators distaste for the genre. But those days are over. His new musicians are sort of a who’s who of the Norwegian progressive/jazz scene, including bassplayer Nicolai Eilertsen (Elephant 9, Bigbang), hammond wizard Ståle Storløkken (Elephant 9) and the grand old man Jon Eberson The music is labelled as progressive rock, but never loses its focus on delivering a good catchy chorus. The influences range from Thulsa Doom, Rush, Deep Purple, Melvins, (Badmotorfinger era) Soundgarden, to newer progressive bands like Mastodon and Opeth.
    Type Live

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