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Highasakite (N)
    Friday February 17, 2012 8:00pm - 8:30pm @ Herr Nilsen / Østkanten bluesklubb
    Ingrid Helene Håvik from Your Headlights Are On and Trond Bersu from Pelbo are the core of HighasaKite. Vocals, zither, electronics and drums form the basis of the band’s sound. In the studio the band are joined by Krøyt’s Thomas Dahl on guitar and live the band are augmented by Sacred Harp’s Øystein Skar on keys. HighasaKite are a relatively new proposition, but even in a short space of time, a lot has happened. They won the 2011 Momentum prize netting them 15 days at the Ocean Sound studio and a slot at now key event Sommerfesten Giske. In addition they’ve had a couple of nods from NRK Urørt and that’s resulted in airplay on P3 as well as being playlisted on a number of other regional stations. Their debut album is now complete and will be released via Riot Factory. “Like a warm breeze HighasaKite swathe you in mystery, something that feels both comfortable and healthy. “Indian Summer” has qualities that sound like they’re from the world that Lykke Li plays in, cool electronic pop with a good ear for melody and stunning vocals." – NRK P3 Urørt
    Type Live

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