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Bernhoft (N)
    Friday February 17, 2012 9:30pm - 10:00pm @ Rockefeller
    Jarle Bernoft has built his career bit by bit, from small children’s roles at the opera, via the success of his first band Span, to his soul influenced solo debut. After a couple of detours he has now found an intensely personal way of expressing himself as an artist, which is characterised by his truly unique voice and has transformed him into one of the most successful Norwegian artists of recent times. In January 2011 Bernhoft released his second solo album “Solidarity Breaks”, a record which aptly showcases the results of many years at the grindstone working to find his own voice. Musically it is a distinctive mix of some clear and some rather less clear influences:
    “I’ve amongst other things, been listening to a lot of hip-hop, which is the pop genre which is developing most these days,” Bernoft says. “I’ve tried to be a bit more humble about this kind of stuff, and more open to other ideas than I have before. You could say it is a cross between early Nick Kershaw and The Roots but in the year 20202,” he quips. Right before Christmas he put out a live album entitled “Walk With Me” recorded with Kork (NRK’s in house orchestra). Jarle also appeared at the prestigious Nobel Prize concert, which was broadcast internationally enabling the whole world to enjoy one of Norway’s biggest voices.
    Type Live

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