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Thom Hell (N)
    Saturday February 18, 2012 9:30pm - 10:00pm @ The Crossroad Club
    It was during Autumn 2010 when the plan for the recording of what would be Thom Hell’s fifth studio album began to take shape. Thom had established contact with one of his true heroes, Jason Falkner. The songwriter, solo artist, session musician, producer and composer of the soundtrack to Ocean’s 13. “Last year I took a chance and sent him a message, asking if he was at a loose end and wondering if he wanted to make a record with me. He said yes and so we got on with it. We gave ourselves three days together to see if it worked. No pressure to do anything in particular, just to see if it clicked. After the first day we went out partying together.” For Thomas the songwriting and recording process for this record has been vital. “If I hadn’t had the outlet that songwriting can give, I’d have been fucked. It is about getting over stuff and getting back on the horse as fast as possible.” The result comes on February 13th, with the release of the album entitled “Suddenly Past”.
    Type Live

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