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Husky Rescue (FI)
    Sunday February 19, 2012 12:00am - 12:30am @ Nokia teltet, annex
    Husky Rescue was formed by Marko Nyberg, who began composing under the name in 2002, wanting to create cinematic music influenced by film, photography and painting. The project soon transformed into a visionary electro-pop band. Husky Rescue has since released 3 albums for the UK label Catskills Records and played a lot of shows around the world, including UK and USA, with several songs placed in advertisements and TV series, the most notorious quite possibly being “New Light of Tomorrow”, heard in the TV-series The Sopranos and One Tree Hill. The line-up in 2012 features Stockholm-based singer Johanna Kalén, founding member / key composer Marko Nyberg and guitarist Antony Bentley. In addition to their exciting live performances, the plan is to release several audio and music releases during the year.
    Type Live

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