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Maya Vik (N)
    Saturday February 18, 2012 11:00pm - 11:30pm @ Rockefeller annex
    Multifaceted musician Maya Vik plays bass in Spellemann winning pop-band Montée and has previously played with bands such as Savoy and Furia. Her first solo effort, the album “Château Faux-Coupe” (2011) is a beautiful funk laden extravaganza with reference points that stretch all the way from 70s jazz-rock via militant drum machine jackin’ funk and 80s soul to 90s hip-hop, all underpinned by the unmistakable sound of an Linn LM-1 drum machine, a sound immortalised by a vast catalogue of 80s hits. With clear references to Minneapolis-funk (Prince, Jimmy Jam og Terry Lewis/Flyte Tyme, The Time, Sheila E., Janet Jackson etc.) the album has already become a talking point for international fans of the genre. The album was mixed by sought after, four time Grammy winning producer Jimmy Douglass and formed part of a wider audio visual project including an exhibition and book including photography and artwork by Pål Laukli and Gary Swindell.
    Type Live

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