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Pirate Love (N)
    Thursday February 16, 2012 9:30pm - 10:00pm @ Sub Scene
    Pirate Love are finally back… The Oslo band, who by many people’s reckoning were heirs apparent to the Norwegian rock throne in the wake of their debut album “Black Vodoun Space Blues”, have spent their time since profitably. With their caustic brew of psychedelic nihilism, razor sharp guitars and otherworldly primal cries, Pirate Love have once again turned the reverb up to eleven, and as usual, they wander along rock’s more peculiar paths. Guitarist Milton Von Krogh, vocalist David Al Dajani, guitarist Henrik Steen and bassist Mr. R form the core of Pirate Love, which since their inception in 2005 has grown to become a sought-after name at both Norwegian and foreign concert venues. Their new album “Narco Lux High School” sees the band take a quantum leap further, and invites the listener on a sedated, transcendental journey into Pirate Love’s twisted musical universe. An album as troublesome as it is grandiose.
    Type Live

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