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Korallreven (S)
    Thursday February 16, 2012 9:30pm - 10:00pm @ Stratos
    In the wake of singles “The Truest Faith” and “Honey Mine” the partnership of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (also of The Radio Dept) presents its debut album, “An Album By Korallreven”. The project was conceived after Joons returned from an extended trip to Samoa where he inspired by the music of the local Catholic choirs. Mesmerized by the beauty of the South Pacific and the exhilaration of travel, he shared his newfound passion with Tjäder and a partnership was born. One of the strongest traditions in Swedish Pop is escapism. For a country that spends much of its year in Winter darkness this should come as no surprise. The music of Stockholm’s Korallreven champions this tradition while extending it across a range of different genres. The result is a blissful journey through influences as far flung as Southern rap, dreampop, reggae, and minimal techno, among many others. The glittering, joyful production focuses on melodic evolution rather than structure; lush, dubbed-out instrumentals (on “Loved-Up”) perfectly complement trance-pop vocal cuts (“Keep Your Eyes Shut” and “Comin’ Closer”). Joining the duo for the ride are a host of collaborators including Victoria Bergsman (Taken By Trees, The Concretes) and Julianna Barwick. Released this November, An Album By Korallreven wistfully yearns for Summer days. As our days shorten and the cold sets in, take it from the Swedes: nothing quells the stirring for warmer months quite like the brightness of a sincere pop song.
    Type Live

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