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The Nordic live music market
    Friday February 17, 2012 4:30pm - 5:30pm @ Club7
    What is going on in the Nordic live music market? What are the topics of debate? How is the business doing these days? And what does the future look like? The international live entertainment business has gone through major changes the last two decades, starting in the US and slowly spreading over to Europe. How has this affected the Nordic region, and what changes are still to come?Festival Market: In Sweden “old” festivals like Arvika and Hultsfred had to give up. Hultsfred got a second chance with investment from the German promoter FKP Scorpio. At the same time small festivals that have been around for years grew exponentially in a very short space of time, Peace & Love for example. In Sweden several festivals are also operated by Live Nation, like Metaltown and Way Out West, while the only one in Norway with an international backing is Hove Festival owned by London based company Festival Republic, which in turn counts Live Nation as a major shareholder. In Denmark most of the festivals are run by organizations/volunteers, but at the same time the young North Side Festival in Aarhus is being backed by the Danish promoter Skandinavian together with FKP Scorpio. Over in the east, again several festivals are run by Live Nation Finland and other big promoters such as Fullsteam Agency in a rapid growing festival market. Club Market: Sweden is well known for artists with attitude and is fantastic at exporting its music, but how is the live market at home? How come Oslo is the Nordic capital with most live music shows every year? And what´s up in Denmark and Finland? We have put together a panel that will discuss the live music business in the Nordic region, as we know it today, and maybe someone will bring along a crystal ball… Moderator: James Drury, Festival Awards Ltd (UK) Panel:
    Martin Nielsen, Live Nation (Norway)
    Juha Kyyrö, Fullsteam Agency (Finland)
    Brian Nielsen, Skandinavian (Denmark)
    Johan Lindqvist, Blixten & co (Sweden)
    Torgeir Gullaksen, Goldstar Music (Norway)
    Type Seminar (delegates only)

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