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Punani SS (NB - Sunkissed LIVE, separate tickets sold)
    Saturday February 18, 2012 11:20pm - 11:50pm @ Sunkissed LIVE@Blå
    Punani SS is basically the duo Salvador Sanchez (formerly Dark Side of the Force) and Hele Fitta (formerly Snuten) – a free haven where two aging hip-hoppers can enjoy themselves playing eccentric funkpop for the dance floor, with guest vocalists from both Mungolia, Tåsen and Pomona. During work on an E.P. that has gradually mutated into a (future) twelve inch trilogy and a possible album, they have also taken a few detours to remix artists such as Nils Bech, King Midas, Hanne Nabintu Hærland (!), Kong Sverre and the Alabama rap outfit G Page. Until now they have merely performed a handful of chaotic live karaoke evenings with guests like Pål Strangefruit and Ando Woltmann. Chances are that several of these guests (and perhaps others as well) will show up when Punani SS enters the stage at Blå for the first ever band issue of Punani SS, with guest musicians and more percussion than ever before
    Type Live

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