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I Got You On Tape (DK)
    Saturday February 18, 2012 8:00pm - 8:30pm @ Mono
    “We believe that you have the ability to write big, important songs, and to reach a much larger audience” was the justification when I Got You On Tape in January 2010 received the prestigious P3 Gold Award. An award that was the beginning of a new musical journey for the band. With two sold-out tours in Denmark during the past year, SXSW concerts and a successful Benelux tour, the band has now truly tapped hole in the abscess. From being indie darlings and critic’s favorites, yet still a well kept secret for the few, they are now establishing themselves as an international name. Eighteen months after receiving the P3 Gold Award I Got You On Tape are finally ready to unveil what they’ve been working on, and a first taste of their new album is ready in the form of single “Run From The Rain”. As a natural response to I Got You On Tape’s last and very introspective album “Spinning For The Cause” the band members have applied a brighter and more open expression. Keyboards are used far more explicitly than previously, and the sampled drums takes the tempo on the record up a notch. Several of the heavy and dark layers are pealed away to achieve a simpler, more playful sound, still with the characteristic I Got You On Tape-feeling and with Jacob Bellens sonorous vocals as the focal point. “Church Of The Real” was released in September 2011 hitting number one in the Danish album charts.
    Type Live

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