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Thea Hjelmeland (N)
    Thursday February 16, 2012 6:00pm - 6:30pm @ Mono
    Thea Hjelmeland is a twenty four year old singer songwriter from Førde, now based in Paris. Her debut album entitled “Oh, the third..” is now ready for release in February 2012. The record was recorded in ØRA Studio in Trondheim, produced by Jostein Ansnes (Kristin Asbjørnsen, Dadafon) and Jarle Bernoft, who also played several parts on the record. The lyrics, melody and arrangements are all pure Hjelmeland though. In addition to vocals, she also plays mandolin, banjo, guitar, ukelele, piano, percussion and more. The music she describes as blue, acoustic pop, all centered around here vocals. She listens to flamenco, fado, Balkan and Bollywood music as well as straight R&B, and seeks out voices that inspire and challenge her when she’s listening to music. Thea Hjelmeland san the duet “En av oss to” with Lars Vaular on his “Helt om natten, helt om dagen” and has contributed vocals and mandolin to a number of tracks still to come. As previously mentioned she is based in Paris and has already played at a number of key venues there. She’s currently working on projects with the likes of Hugh Coltman (UK), Krystle Warren (US), Melissa Laveaux (CA), Katapult (FR), Hey Hey My My (FR) and Matthew Kerr (UK).
    Type Live

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