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Streaming session 2: Our Friend’s electric. How will we find music in the future?
    Friday February 17, 2012 10:45am - 11:45am @ Rockefabrikken
    Have you ever sat in front of a streaming music player and had a total mental block? Do you find you listen to the same old stuff when confronted with all the music in the world? How do you dig down into the ‘long tail of content’? Friends or robots? Buddies or algorithms?From processes such as Last.fm’s collaborative filtering to clever apps using metadata banks like The Echo Nest with its ‘danceability’ metric, automatic recommendation is getting very interesting; but on the other hand Facebook’s close integration with Spotify is taking social recommendation, or more to the point, observation, to new levels. Recommendation is crucial not only from a promotional point of view, but also in unlocking the value in streaming services. A panel of experts will discuss.. Panel:
    Gracenote – Chris Cass, head of sales EMEA, Gracenote
    The Echo Nest – Tristan Jehan, Chief Technical Officer, The Echo Nest
    Last.fm – Steve Whilton, Director of Product, Last.fm
    Arnt Maasø – Associate Professor of Media Studies at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo
    Type Seminar (delegates only)

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