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Lindstrøm (NB - Sunkissed LIVE, separate tickets sold)
    Sunday February 19, 2012 1:20am - 2:10am @ Sunkissed LIVE@Blå
    Hans-Peter Lindstrøm are releasing his fourth solo album on February 6th. The man who probably more than anyone, has put Norwegian electronic music on the world map delivers, yet again, a complex masterpiece of retro-futurism. “Six Cups Of Rebel” is a disc that might be more at home on a nice home stereo, than at large, dark clubs. But, we know all to well that the energy Hans-Peter musters when he takes to the stage is indisputable. “Six Cups’…” direction towards grandeur might be an indication of where he will be taking us. It´s allways an event when Hans-Petter visits Sunkissed Live! Three earlier encounters have proven that.
    Type Live

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