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Statoil presenterer: Kvelertak
    Saturday February 18, 2012 10:00pm - 10:30pm @ Folketeateret
    Brutally catchy punkrock/metal with a taste of groovy darkness!
    Kvelertak shamelessly draw inspiration from every corner of something that could fit into their idea of good hard-hitting and catchy rock’n’roll. Regardless of genre, but always truthful to the basic idea of the band; good songs performed with the tongue-in-cheek attitude of their punk-rock pioneers. Unlike the majority of heavier bands they sing in their native language – adding even more character to their already unique sound. Kvelertak are already well known in Norway for their furious live energy and catchy, melodic, metal-inspired punk rock. Outside Norway they are fairly unknown yet, but that is changing with each show they play abroad. “completely over the top, these six rocking rascals with a three-man guitar front, going for all sacred cows in the aforementioned genres with undisguised fun and catchy melodies. Whether the listener will like it? Let’s put it this way: once gripped by Kvelertak you never want anything else.” (Eurosonic festival magazine)
    Type Live

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