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Ignug (DK)
    Friday February 17, 2012 9:30pm - 10:00pm @ Stratos
    The band met in 2006 and started recording their first songs in an apartment above a brothel in the Red Light district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Prostitutes and drug addicts lay on the doorstep of their home studio in the mornings, and drunks littered the streets throughout the long nights. Amidst the chaos and debauchery of their living arrangements, IGNUG focused their energies into channelling positivity into their music to contrast their external world. They did however utilise the raw sexual energy that surrounded them and fused this with tough electronic rhythms and gritty synth riffs to encapsulate the reality of the seedy surroundings in which they lived. IGNUG’s songs tell stories born out of a chaotic lifestyle. Ruby’s incredible range punches out allegorical lyrics on some tracks, and in others he adopts a high pitched slow gritty nature to his voice that surreptitiously ensnares your mind and body to draw you into the story his lyrics unfold. Songs such as ‘Trail Of Thought’ and ‘The Power Of Truth’ possess truly fantastical qualities and other songs like ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ have such finger licking passion you can’t help but become lost in them, leaving the mundane routine of the real world behind. In 2010 IGNUG decided to move to the UK to draw upon fresh inspiration for their debut album and to unleash their infectious new sound upon the British live scene. All IGNUGs’ music is produced in their studio at the Dairy complex in Brixton by the only member of the band you won’t see on stage – Ace Connor. Ace has remixed for the likes of Lady Gaga, Jamiroquai, White Lies and Coldcut. IGNUG can be categorised as Love, Chaos and Fantasy. All the music is written, composed, produced and performed by IGNUG, and they have performed gigs across London at nights and venues such as Proud Galleries, Potty Mouth Disco, Fiesta, 333, Fabric, Cargo, Notting Hill Arts Club, Shunt, The Garage, 93 Feet East and Bangers & Mash to name but a few.
    Type Live

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