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GusGus (ICL) - Nordic Music Prize nominee
    Saturday February 18, 2012 12:30am - 1:00am @ Nokia teltet
    It’s a moving story, the tale of GusGus. Founded in the year 1995 by different artists such as Daniel August, DJ Herb Legowitz, cameraman Stephan Stephensen, musician Birgir Pórarinsson, producer Baldur Stefánsson and six more performers, the line-up shifted several times, some left and others joined as time went on. Since 2009, the year they released their album "24/7“, the band has had a stable line-up consisting of president Bongo, Biggi Veira and Daniel August. The three of them recorded the current album called "Arabian Horse“ which was released in May.
    Compared to their quite minimalistic former work, "Arabian Horse“ is by far more "in your face“.

    The songs are packed with gestures, thrilling moments, pop and soul. Doubtlessly GusGus has perfected the breach of the fine line between commercial pop and u-dance music on their 8th studio album. “Arabian Horse“ is a dance-pop album that reminds of the early 90’s house music as well as of the urban soul à la Massive Attack and which still is tangible contemporary. He who has already had the chance of seeing their live shows, knows how much power and feeling the 3 masters can deliver on stage. Now, saddle up your horses and head out to the next live show of the enigma that is GusGus!
    Type Live

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