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Hanne Kolstø (N)
    Saturday February 18, 2012 10:30pm - 11:00pm @ Sub Scene
    Hanne Kolstø, also known as one half of electronica duo Thelma & Clyde, is a restless singer / songwriter who never fails to surprise. In forgotten sounds and abandoned synths Hanne finds hidden melodies. Growing up in the shadow of the mountains in Sunnmøre and subsequently for the last decade in Kristiansand has certainly left its mark. There is often an Obstfelderesque (Norwegian poet) alienation behind her lyrics and sounds, and even in her most beautiful pop songs, there is a sense of desperation in her mystical, unpolished voice. “You’ll notice that fantastic sensation of music that grows on you every time you hear it, that reveals exciting new details each time you listen. In the end you’re left with one of the most exciting Norwegian debut albums in a long, long time.” – Musikknyheter.no 8/10 “Riot Break is the record that Björk has been promising for fifteen years but has never delivered… It is lucky that we don’t give quantitative scores in reviews in this paper, because any number I were to give would be too low.” – Morgenbladet
    Type Live

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